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N 18 - Enero 2007
[ISSN 1886-2713]



Welcome, internet surfers!

This is Guanche World (Mundo Guanche), a digital publication dedicated in a complete way to the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands. It was formed in June of 2005 in a free and independent way. It maintains itself due to the selfless contributions of its collaborators, without any type of institutional protection.

The main aim of those creating the review is to put together something that can be read by anybody. We intend to inform and to entertain without political, ideological and academic partialities. We believe culture does not have to be an easily darted weapon, but it must serve for to cultivate rational and democratic consciences, from an own identity but not closed.

We want heterogeneous community of readers that share some objective knowledge about the past of Archipelago, so that afterwards, if they want, they can develop them according to their convictions, interests or needs. If we achieve it, the Guanche World's goal will have been fulfilled.

If you are interested in collaborating in our project, make contact with us at the following address: info@mundoguanche.com. If you write well and would like to send something for publication you can consult our Style guide and the articles writing’s Rules.

Guanche World's Team

* The design, illustrations, texts and multimedia applications this review contains are property and responsibility of its authors.

** If you want to extract, integrally or partially, any material published in Guanche World, don’t forget to quote the origin and to send us an e-mail so that we can have evidence of its broadcast.